Many business owners get home at the end of the day frustrated and feeling like they didn't accomplish anything because they wear too many hats.  Marketing is usually one of those hats.  We understand how frustrating marketing your company can be.  The lack of time, the lack experience, feeling like your getting left behind...those are real emotions a LOT of business owners feel.  Marketing shouldn't be one of the items constantly falling into the "Got Nothing Done" bucket each day.  

Marketeer, Inc is proud to have partnered with many small to mid-sized businesses helping them  along their journey by crafting clear messaging and guiding them in ways to consistently tell their stories.  

finally - A Marketing Process That works For you!


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Savvy Business Leaders Know What They Don't Know

It's difficult to run a business these days that has to be lean.  This forces many business owners to put business decisions like marketing on the back burner or to try to become marketers themselves.  The biggest problem is that it takes a great deal of time to create a clear message, let alone to put that message out there on  a consistent basis.  Smart business owners know this.

Marketeer, Inc is  a by-product of the previous lives we had working for agencies and businesses alike.  Too many business owners would tell us, "If you decide to leave your current company, I would like to hire you." which showcased the massive need for an outsourced marketing department for business owners.  Ironically we started the company and realized quickly what we didn't know! 

We understand your frustrations.  It's just plain wrong that you should have to miss the things that matter most like family events, social time with friends or volunteering for a charity, just because you are a business owner.  We would love to help you craft a clear, concise and consistent message that grows your business and makes business ownership enjoyable again!

Build a Powerful Company with effective marketing that works For Your budget

what is a storybrand certified guide?

StoryBrand Certified Guides are individuals who have gone through the StoryBrand Guide Certification process and use the power of storytelling to clearly communicate a company's message.  Every major brand uses storytelling to cut through the marketing clutter.  StoryBrand has helped thousands of company's  create clarity in their messaging used for marketing, sales, public relations and many other areas of their business.

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What Other's Have To Say


"After watching my 2 predecessors fail miserably at marketing/sales, I figured I needed to take a different approach.  We had worked with another firm and felt we had reached the point where working with them had run its course.  I was very interested in what I felt was a much needed higher level of service and strategy and so we hired Marketeer. 6 years later we still maintain our contract with them" ~ Steve Giacin, President & COO - Professional Installers, Inc.

"AJ Ford is one of the premiere marketing professionals in the industry. His innovation and energy are a great combination. He understands the role marketing plays in the sales process and maximizes it. This is based on years of working on joint projects together with tremendous results. I highly recommend him." ~ Tom Woodcock, President - Seal the Deal

"AJ is a consummate marketer. He has developed ideas that I have used when I teach workshops on how to do social media right. He has tremendous energy and enthusiasm." ~Tom Finan, Executive Director/Co-Founder -Construction Forum STL

"Generally, mid-sized companies don't employ a full-time executive level marketing person for a variety of factors.  Hiring an executive level professional on a part-time basis works!  For us hiring Marketeer was that answer." ~ David Gralike, President Misouri Branch - Guarantee Electrical Company

"I've worked with AJ for a number of years.  He is highly organized, intelligent, creative and understands business very well. I would recommend him and the Marketeer team to anyone." ~ Chris O'Hagan, Principal - JD Kutter Insurance 


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A business with great marketing can make an impact on the world. Take the first step - Schedule a Listening Session - and together, we can reach your company's goals.  If you need a CMO for Hire in St. Louis who can clearly, concisely and consistently help you tell your story + help you grow your business, take the first step.

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